Thursday 18 December 2014


Chiemeka Chiedozie, Project Director, HUMANE GLOBAL CONCEPT in an email chat expressed his love for animal, In today world especially in Nigeria, it takes a sensational story or event to grab people interest on the need to stop eating animal an go vegetarian because of humane global concept extraordinary attention and activities and my passion for animal right in Africa.

Many people now know that animals suffer on factory farms, in laboratories, in the zoos, on the streets and in the circuses. Before people will consider changing their lifestyle, they need an impetus to do so.
He noted that humane global concept has organized animal exhibition shows and animal conferences in the past years, having been to over 200 schools to organize animal seminars on animal for children. I have been to Ghana to address and share my humane experience with volunteers in the Society of Animal Welfare Ghana

With the help of ANIMAL AID UK, PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMAL, VIVA, ANIMAL DEFENDER INTERNATIONAL, SHARE THE WORLD, AND INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR ANIMAL WELFARE., we have been able to pass a message to Nigerians on the need to stop animal cruelty. The organization has provided that initial burst of knowledge about what life is like for animal. I was featured in Animal Times Uk, 2012 issues. I have also been featured on the Nation Newspaper and Animal Defender international in America.

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